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Grey Sparrow is now


Grey Sparrow, now known as ORA
PHOTOGRAPHIE NUPTIALE immortalizes the happiest day of your life.

Since the beginning, our vocation is to offer exceptional wedding photography services in Montreal and Quebec City.
It is now common practice to take pictures of every event of our lives. However, there is a difference between these photos and those of a professional photographer specially trained in wedding photography. This artist has mastered the art of producing breathtaking pictures that interpret emotions and amplify them. Many years of experience are necessary to capture the magical moment no one can see. Uniting our groups gives us the ability to professionally satisfy the growing demand while also retaining our authentic approach.

We offer tailor-made photos for every client.
After a session designed to evaluate your desires, our studio creates a personalized experience. We know how to guide you through this preparation. It’s also during this time spent together we can help you organize certain aspects of your wedding, so everything goes smoothly. It is with complete preparation with our clients that we can amaze.

Every member of our team brings a different perspective on the art of wedding photography.
Our expert photographers and videographers are our branding. With many years of experience in the field, their talent is without equal. They create an atmosphere of complicity with you but most importantly, an atmosphere of trust. Every one of them loves to go out of their way to reassure you during this adventure. Our team will provide you with amazing memories to share with your loved ones.

Frequently spoked of in local blogs, ORA distinguished itself as one of the best wedding photography studio in Quebec.
Guided by Jonathan Robert’s vision, recipient of numerous worldwide recognitions, ORA stands out because of its unique style. Our studio is on the brink of modernity because we are always on the lookout for new practices. In our quest for perfection and our capacity for adaptation, we establish new standards for the industry.

The union of Grey Sparrow and Ora will create an image to the height of your expectations. We believe in offering wedding photography services that are not ordinary. We are pleased to go on this adventure with you!


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