JENNIFER + SCOTT | Wedding Photography from Ritz Carlton in Montreal

(written by Meg)

Jennifer and Scott shared their wedding day with those closest to them with the same loving and light-hearted spirit as they share with each other.

Bagpipers bracketed the ceremony at The Church of Saint Andrew and Saint Paul, just a few steps from where we had our portrait session. Jennifer and Scott’s easy affection and sense of humour made photographing on busy Sherbrooke Street a breeze.  From there, we continued on to the reception at The Ritz, where the room itself seemed to glow and the details were meticulously chosen.

In addition to the heart warming speeches and the amazing dance party that ensued, a couple of highlights include when Chelsea, a friend of the couple beautifully performed several songs on guitar and when the sister of the bride delivered a hilarious speech that had half the room shedding a tear or two from laughter.

It was a pleasure for Ariel and I to capture the day!


LA PHOTOGRAPHE: Valeria Valencia Valle

  • Comment es-tu rentré en photographie?
    Je suis tombée dans une colocations avec 2 photographes où on avait un dark room et je suis devenu accro!


  • What is your favourite part about shooting weddings?
    I’m in love with love, connections and personal stories, so I appreciate being part of the creation of an “object” that builds a memory of love and happiness. I specially love the first-look, speeches, first dances and parent dances!


  • What photo are you most proud of taking, and why?
    I can’t point to one in particular, but in general photos where there’s a sparkle or tears in the eyes. That raw emotion is something that I really connect with.


  • Any favourite spots for photography around Montreal?
    I love nature, so the Mount-Royal park is always a place I love to explore for photography.


  • What advice would you give to couples to get the best results from their photographer?
    Being open and “léger”. Open to play and react to each other’s affection without being afraid to look natural. That is where lies the beauty.
    The fact of being in love and giving yourself the time to celebrate that love will itself make for memorable photos!


KATHERINE + STÉPHANE | wedding photography from Mont Blanc in Laval, QC

(posted by Chris)

Having already been acquainted with this lovely couple through a mutual friend, I was thrilled when they decided to have us photograph their wedding. Excitement was in the air when I arrived at Katherine’s prep, and she couldn’t be more calm and collected as she got ready. It is always a little worrisome when our beloved meteorologists announce a 100% chance of rain on a wedding day, but nevertheless, we photographers have to work with whatever nature throws at us! Thankfully we were graced with a 45-minute rainless window of opportunity for photographs in Square Victoria, talk about luck!

An amazing reception ensued as everyone partied the night away in their honour. Congratulations Katherine & Stephane on a fantastic wedding day, thank you so much for having us be a part of it!

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    Merci beaucoup pour les beaux souvenirs. Je suis vraiment contente ainsi que ma famille pour les belles photos.
    Katherine xox